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Why chooseBreaking Chains Media?

As our society becomes more connected, we believe that your website is a crucial asset. By creating a clean and stunning web presence, your company can improve customer experience, gain more referrals, and increase conversions. Here is what to expect when building your site with Breaking Chains Media.


We build your website on the world’s leading CMS platform. WordPress ensures maximum flexibility in design, function, and future expansion.


User experience is a high priority for us at Breaking Chains Media. We develop each website with clarity and ease of use in mind.


Speed is an essential factor when browsing through a website. We take the time to optimize each image and element, so pages load quickly and are responsive.

Responsive Design

Responsive design adapts your website to fit a variety of devices and screen sizes. We design your site to be beautiful and functional on tablets and mobile devices, as well as traditional computers.


We use Shopify and WooCommerce for your e-commerce needs. Every shop and small business is unique; therefore, we create a solution that works best for you and your customers.


Do you want to grow your contact list, allow clients to schedule appointments, or chat with your customers in real-time? We set up all your 3rd party integrations to fit your business model.


Ensure that your website is accessible to users of all abilities by staying WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliant.

Host Setup and Transfer

Let us set up your web host and ensure that customers can access your website. BCM prefers to host your site so that we can monitor performance and stability.

Our Work

We are proud to serve entrepreneurs, small businesses, e-commerce, podcasts, bands, churches and nonprofit organizations, especially those located in our home state of Oregon. Check out some of our latest projects!

Why host withBreaking Chains Media?

Our mission is to provide businesses with a complete web solution. By hosting your website with Breaking Chains Media, we’re able to provide quality service throughout the life of your website. Here are some benefits of hosting with Breaking Chains Media.

Account Manager

We provide you with a dedicated account manager that knows your website and business strategy. When there is a support need, your account manager will be your point of contact.

Fast Storage

We store all of our websites on SSDs. These drives provide both improved security and performance.

Professional Email

Send email from your custom domain. Choose between services from Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and ProtonMail.

Free SSL

Keep your business and customers’ information safe and secure. SSL certificates encrypt sensitive information like credit cards, usernames, passwords, and other private data sent over the internet.


Accidents happen! We backup your account and website regularly to protect against corrupted files and minimize downtime.

Software Updates

While WordPress provides the most flexibility and opportunity for expansion, there are often core and plugin updates that need to be preformed. These updates are to maintain stability, security, and compatibility throughout all aspects of your website. We perform these updates regularly.

Uptime Monitoring

It’s essential to your business that your website stays up and functional. Any downtime can look unprofessional, and your business could lose valuable leads. We monitor your website 24/7 and work hard to minimize downtime.

Content Updates

Let us help you keep your information up to date. We’ll modify the content on your website as your business changes.

*Storage capacity, features, and services may vary by Hosting and Maintenance package.

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